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Uppdragshuset AB

Uppdragshuset was founded in 2000, occupying now 14 employees. Uppdragshuset aims to provide smarter support for innovation, with the aim of supporting customers' decisions through the development of ourselves and our services. The overall strategy to achieve the goal and vision is that shared experience adds value. In the dialogue both internally and externally is higher quality generated with a better understanding of customer needs. The company's global operations are organized into two business areas: innovation consultancy with a focus on intellectual property issues. The company's advisory business provides analyzes of the state of the art for an innovation.

Based on analyzes will practical advice on opportunities and risks for such patentability and infringement be presented to customers. Thus, company has been doing “Training” in its daily operations and will enlarge the scope further by better formulating needs of SMEs in EU wide. The Management of long lasting R&D Projects is also an expertise.

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